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chaussure pour pole dace
chaussure pour pole dance noire
chaussure pour pole dace
chaussure pour pole dance noire

Black pole dance heels 16 cm - Rave Dance ™

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If you are looking for a pair of sober and elegant heels to practice your pole dance, you have come to the right place!

There are shoes and there is THE pole dance shoe

Rave Dance ™ surprises us once again with a wonderful pair of shoes for pole dancers.

Straight out of their box, they will delight your dance and magnify your movements .

These heels are ideal for a:

  • Pole dance training
  • Pole dancing lessons
  • A pole dance show
  • A pole dance shoot

pole dance shoe

What's so special about this pole dance shoe?

The must have is the platform , obviously if you dance with 16 cm heels it is inconceivable not to have a platform on this same shoe.

The reason is very simple, you need good support , especially during transitions and landing movements .

The shoe has a double strap . This is very good news because you have the possibility of adjusting it at the level of your ankle and also of your Achilles heel .

The shoe adapts perfectly to your morphology

Finally these are stilettos and there is nothing more sensual and feminine than finesse and a stiletto heel. Besides, you don't need to love shoes to know it, you just have to see it!

Just note that these are 16 cm heels, if you are not used to wearing heels we advise you to aim a few centimeters lower to start.

shoes for pole dancing

A pair of heels to complete your pole dance outfit

These shoes are ideal for pairing with pole dance training or class outfits!

Features :

  • Style : High heels
  • Matter : Leather
  • Platform : 4.5cm
  • Heel : 16cm
  • Skate : non-slip resistant
  • Flange : Lined and adjustable
  • Sizes : 34 to 41

Black pole dance heels

Our opinion on the Black pole dance heels 16 cm - Rave Dance ™

These are beautiful stilettos with a beautiful platform that will provide support for your pole dance sessions!

We tested them in different contexts and the shape of this shoe is very versatile, so for your classes , your shows or even shootings it works very well.


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