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Chaussure pole dance
Talon pole dance
talon pole dance noir
chaussure pour pole dance noire paillette
Chaussure pole dance
Talon pole dance
talon pole dance noir
chaussure pour pole dance noire paillette

Pole dance shoe 12 cm - LOVO™

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Wearing rhinestones and sequins directly with these shoes, nothing better to give a touch of magnificence to your dance .

A pole dance shoe that will amaze you!

Beyond the rhinestones present on this model .. "between us we love it, it has its effect!"

You can see the shape and balance of this pair of shoes! You might think they are ankle boots or sandals but no...

We must say that LOVO - Oslo Trend ™ has really done well with this model.

Besides, the good news is that it is not necessarily at the feet of all pole dancers, so if you like to feel a little unique , it's a good choice!

Besides, this pair of shoes can follow you everywhere :

  • Your pole dance training
  • Your pole dance lessons
  • Your pole dance shows
  • Your photo shoots
  • Your private moments
pole dance shoe start

Shoes for your pole dance outfits

These shoes are ideal for pairing with your favorite pole dance outfit !

Features :

  • Style : Sequined stiletto heels
  • Matter : Swedish suede
  • Platform : 1.5cm
  • Heel : 12cm
  • skate : non-slip
  • Flange : Simple above the ankle
  • Sizes : 35 to 43

pole dance shoes

Why does this pair of pole dance shoes belong in your wardrobe?

It's time to list the advantages of these shoes ...

We will start with the stiletto heels , both sexy And feminine , there is nothing more beautiful than to magnify your curves and your dance with heels.

Then , rhinestones and their "big night" side, pole dancing is a world where you like to feel beautiful so what better than to add some effects with these rhinestones?

Finally there is a adjustable ankle strap , it's very important because you don't necessarily think of having shoes that hold but there is nothing worse than losing these shoes during a movement on the bar .

Note that the heels measure 12cm , it's quite high and low at the same time.

If you are new to heels and dancing with heels, this is perfect for you!

Classy pole dance shoes

Our opinion on these 12 cm pole dance shoes - LOVO™

Tested and approved for us!
We must say that we can even wear these heels in a party without a pole dance bar in our hands.

We particularly like its shape and its rhinestones!


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