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bottine pole dance
Chaussure pole dance noire
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bottine pole dance
Chaussure pole dance noire
talon pole dance

12 cm pole dance ankle boots - Iria Bellaza™

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Boots are the best of both worlds! A good support at the time of your dance and a pair of shoes that can adapt to each situation.... 

Ankle boots are kind of THE pole dance shoe!

High-quality imitation leather, a cut of rare elegance, an ideal heel size for pole dancing and plain and sober colors...

Let's admit once again that Iria Bellaza™ impresses us with this pole dance ankle boot model.

We have already mentioned it in an article of our blog, you should know that the ankle boots are the most versatile pair of pole dancing shoes!

They provide excellent support, which is very important when you find yourself on the pole dance bar .

pole dance shoes

What are the strengths of this pole dance shoe?

Let's take the time together to look at these shoes from every angle, a bit like in a pole dance shop!

The first thing is the quality leatherette, the advantage is multiple:

  • Durable : these ankle boots will last for several years pole,
  • Vegan : This product does not come from the animal world ,
  • Your foot thanks you : imitation leather has this advantage, it allows the shoe to be modeled in part to your foot and not the reverse.

Secondly the platform , heel and overall cut both timeless and feminine , there is nothing more faithful to pole dancing than this pair of ankle boots.

Finally there are the laces , very important because sometimes you can forget the essentials but there is nothing worse than feeling your shoes slipping off your feet when you are on the bar. Laces ensure your shoes stay in place .

Note that the heels measure 12 cm , it's a nice size for pole dancing.

If you are used to 12cm then you can try a little taller heels

pole dance shoes

These ankle boots will enhance your favorite pole dance outfit!

These boots can easily be paired with your favorite pole dance clothes , that's the advantage of boots and sober colors!

Features :

  • Style : Ankle boots with laces and zipper
  • Matter : 100% Leatherette
  • Platform : 3.5cm
  • Heel : 12cm
  • skate : superior quality
  • Colors: Black
  • Sizes : 35 to 42
heel pole dance

Don't forget this isn't just a boot...it's a unavoidable for your pole dance wardrobe !

It will be useful for you :

  • pole dancing class
  • home pole dance training
  • an instagram photo shoot on the bar
  • even some pole dance competitions

Our opinion on the 12 cm pole dance ankle boots - Iria Bellaza™

Why do we love these shoes?

Nothing better than boots to practice pole dancing safely!

In addition, the heels are relatively small for pole dancing, which is therefore an asset for non-professional heels.


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