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Short pole dance taille haute
Tenue pole dance
tenue pole dance noire
tenue pole dance short
Short taille haute pour pole dance
Short pole dance taille haute
Tenue pole dance
tenue pole dance noire
tenue pole dance short
Short taille haute pour pole dance

High Waisted Pole Dance Shorts - NITI™

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An ideal pole dance short!

These pole dance shorts will allow you to practice your pole dance with light comfort and without complex!

It is perfect for home workouts and outdoor pole dancing lessons.

It will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe!

High waist dance shorts

A pole dance outfit: Trendy and feminine

It is not for nothing that for several years the high waist has made its big comeback.

Far from the low-waisted shorts that sometimes highlight our body too much, the high waist offers elegance and harmony . These are qualities that are found in every dance.

Add a pretty color like red for its femininity or black to add more mystery and you have the perfect cocktail to complete your pole dance outfit.

High waisted pole dance shorts

The perfect garment for pole dancing

These shorts are designed for Pole Dance and its various practices, whether you are on the ground, static or spinning, they will adapt to your movements and their intensity.

It has a zipper on the side. This allows you to ensure that it will stay in place while accompanying your movements with harmony .

The material is naturally absorbent to accompany you during your long sessions.

The fabric is stretch to ensure great freedom of movement

High waisted pole dance shorts


  • Tall
  • XS, S, M, L and XL
  • tight
  • Washed machine maintenance with shape and color retention
  • Zipper
  • Absorbent and stretch material

Our opinion on these High Waisted Shorts

It's a must have for your pole dancing wardrobe!

These Shorts are trendy , comfortable and perfect if you are a little complexed by its natural curves. We will tend to choose red or black for their femininity and the bench for its simplicity.


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