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vetement pole dance
short pole dance
short pole dance pas cher
tenue pole dance
vetement pole dance
short pole dance
short pole dance pas cher
tenue pole dance


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Shorts that offer you comfort, style and lightness for your pole dancing sessions!

Add to this a slim fit and a feminine touch and you have the perfect shorts...

These Shorts are what your pole dance outfit was missing!

Wait a few minutes and we'll explain why these shorts are essential...

This style will not leave anyone indifferent!

It is important to note that these shorts are designed for fitness pole dancing , its sporty and feminine style offers an additional touch of sensuality and movement to your dance.

Imagine a few seconds, with these shorts, so not bad, right?

pole dance outfit

Features :

  • Size : XS, S, M, L and XL: if in doubt, we recommend the top size, it is better to have more comfort when pole riding.
  • Color : Black
  • Matter : Cotton and polyester
  • Cut : Slim stretch
  • Interview : Machine switch at 40 degrees or sport mode

pole dance outfit

Shorts that are easy to match with your pole dance outfit!

This piece is very easy to wear and tune, its sober style and its elasticity will offer a style and a ideal comfort !

It is a versatile garment, no need to have 5 different shorts . So you can wear it for every pole dance moment :

  • Pole dancing lessons
  • Pole dance training
  • Pole dance photoshoot

So are you ready to put on these little shorts?

All you have to do is choose your usual size.

pole dance shorts

100% comfortable on your pole dance bar!

As we explained, it is pole dance clothing perfect for this use. By the way on your pole dance bar, you will be able to practice and perform your most perilous movements while wearing flexible shorts!

Its elasticity will allow you to perform your sequences easily, on the bar, when working on the floor or on a chair, these shorts will be an ideal ally.

Our opinion on this Pole dance Nativ-LIRAÏ ™ shorts

In our eyes, it's a great piece to have for your training, moreover it will be useful at home or during your pole dancing lessons!

We really like this model for its elegance, finesse and touch of lace!

It is therefore given the score of 5/5

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