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Pole dance outfit: be ready for classes and shows

Pole dance outfit: be ready for classes and shows

In pole dancing , the clothes you wear are very important. This sporting activity, like all those that exist, has its own dress code . Most often, it is fitted shorts and a bra that perfectly supports the chest. Indeed, to practice in good conditions, it is necessary to have a perfect grip on the bar . The skin, in direct contact with the coating of the apparatus, helps not to slip. In order not to make any more mistakes and to understand why the athletes who practice in this discipline are so scantily clad, you have come to the right place! We will tell you all about the most appropriate pole dance outfit for your classes and performances.

The pole dance outfit: light but comfortable

How is the dress code of this sport justified?

For a long time, this acrobatic activity had a bad reputation, often judged by the appearance of the dancers. Because they are very little covered, the population tended to confuse lap dance (erotic dance) and pole dance. However, between the two, the gap is wide.

pole dance crop top

Pole dance mixes aerial movements and gymnastic figures on a vertical metal bar. Athletes perform sequences of figures ( combo ) on a bar which can be static or which rotates on itself ( spin ). Between strength and sensuality, the combos made are often particularly impressive.

But then, why do these athletes wear such light clothes (link to girl's page Pole dance outfit why is it so light) ? There is only one answer to this question: for security reasons . It's neither for zeal nor to show off your abs and even less because it's too hot. The metal bar on which you have to hold on to perform the rotations requires not having too much fabric on you at the risk of falling. Its coating allows the skin without cream or oil to adhere, but this is not the case with the textile. The less clothing you wear, the better you can hold on to the apparatus.

How to choose the ideal outfit for pole fitness?

The ideal pole dance outfit consists of shorts and a bra. Nevertheless, beyond the purely security aspect, the clothes you plan to wear must also be comfortable. You will have to move a lot, jump, dance. You will be standing, bent over, with your legs straight or sometimes bent. The best thing is not to feel too cramped in your clothes.

Assume your body, your curves and your muscles. Rest assured, you will be a dozen other people at the studio . No one is there to judge your attire, or even see your physical flaws. The goal here is to progress and share around a common passion. If it helps, choose an outfit that reflects your personality. Treat yourself to the choice of colors, shapes and even patterns.

The bra and the shorts: the essentials of this dancing acrobatic art

If you had to keep only two items to go to your pole dance class, choose the shorts and the bra . Indeed, without them, unless you have bodybuilder muscles , it would not be easy to climb the bar.

Very short shorts are most often recommended. You will be required, to perform certain figures , to have the bar at the top of the thighs. It is therefore preferable that this part of your body is not covered with fabric. If you are comfortable enough, you can even opt for shorty or sports panties. Avoid slippery materials, and favor outfits offered by structures specializing in pole dancing .

As for the bra, once again, prefer above all comfort and support. Neither too big nor too tight, you just have to feel good about it. For the most modest, it is possible to adapt their outfit during the initiation lessons . If you prefer, you can wear a tank top or a light t-shirt. However, as you progress, you will be required to perform figures for which the bar is at the bottom of the waist. At this point, you will have no choice but to wear a bra. But do not panic ! In principle, you will already be comfortable enough to get started.

The pole dance costume, shiny and bright for shows

Alongside your studio practice, you may also be planning to perform for shows, competitions or other performances. Some schools, even, often organize a small event at the end of the year that brings together all the students in a single choreography .

pole dance show outfit

For these occasions, do not hesitate to put on your most beautiful leotards . During these moments, pole dance outfits shine brightly. We are far from very simple but practical training clothes. Make-up, accessories, adapted hairstyle, pull out all the stops for this unique moment! If you are used to doing your classes with pole dancing shoes , this will even be the opportunity to wear them. They will give you even more allure and ease. Once again, there are no limits: height, shape, color, it's up to you!

These non-essential but practical accessories

In addition to the pole dance outfit itself, you can also slip a few additional items into your gym bag. Not essential, they are nevertheless of great use after your trial lesson .

pole dance grip

Chalk to prevent slipping

It sometimes happens during lessons to have sweaty hands or sweaty skin if it is too hot. Also, to always have a good grip and not slip while performing the movements, it is possible to use liquid chalk . The latter greatly improves the grip when necessary.

Leggings and a sweatshirt for warming up and stretching

At the end and beginning of the session, during calmer moments, the body cools down. Also, to avoid getting cold and as long as you don't have to climb onto the apparatus, stay covered. Always keep jogging pants or leggings in your bag, as well as a sweatshirt to put on during these few moments.

Wrist guards and knee pads

Pole dancing puts a lot of strain on the wrists. Depending on your sensitivity, you can use wrist guards. You will undoubtedly be relieved with this accessory which will maintain them more. Finally, knee pads are recommended for classes that involve a lot of floorwork choreography . Hitting and rubbing your knees on the studio floor can get tiring. With this protection, your session will be much more comfortable, and you will no longer be afraid of not being able to walk away!

You now have all the cards in hand to buy your pole dance outfit . That's all you have to do before you can have fun!

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