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Choosing your pole dance clothes: our best advice

Choosing your pole dance clothes: our best advice

As with all sports that exist, pole dancing has its own dress code. The outfits and accessories are adapted to the practice, but also to your level. Shorts , bra or crop-top , the clothes must be selected with care in order to allow you to perform the figures as you should, without being embarrassed. Indeed, in pole fitness , there is a rule that must be respected at all costs to avoid injury: do not cover your skin entirely in order to have the best possible grip on the bar . Choosing your pole dance clothes is an art of which we are going to reveal the secrets to you! You will be sure not to forget anything and above all, not to make mistakes.

A light pole dance outfit so as not to slip on the bar

You may have already noticed that people who pole dance are often scantily clad . We always find these same elements: a bra and a shorty . If you think it's all about fashion, or just showing off your body, think again!

pole dance clothing

If it is necessary to leave your legs, arms and stomach bare, it is above all a question of safety. It is, in fact, your skin that allows you not to slip on the bar and to have grip , as we say in the jargon.

In contact with the bar, it is the skin that creates the grip, and allows you to maintain the tricks without slipping. The coating of the pole dance bar offers a perfect adhesion to the skin, but this is not the case for the textile. Take the test: try to climb to the top of the apparatus, first with a jog, then with your legs uncovered. You will immediately see the difference!

However, if you insist on having pants, invest in the appropriate equipment instead . In particular, there are special leggings that allow you to work without slipping.

Opt for comfortable pole dance clothes

As you have understood, it is imperative not to fully cover your body during your pole dance training . For the rest, the style, cuts and colors of the clothes chosen depend on your tastes and preferences.

pole dance outfit

However, if we have any advice to give you, it is to favor comfortable outfits , in which you feel perfectly at ease. It is better not to be cramped, in order to move freely. So put aside the shorts that yawn or the bras that do not properly maintain your chest.

What to wear during warm-up and stretching?

During the warm-up and stretching of your pole dance session , you will not be moving on the bar. Also, you can opt for the sportswear of your choice. Warming up helps you get in shape. Heart rate, like body heat, increases gradually. Stretching at the end of the session, for their part, makes it possible to soften both the joints and the muscular tissues.

In order not to be cold and avoid injuries, you can complete your sports outfit with warmer clothes to cover yourself. It can be jogging pants over your pole dancing shorts or gaiters that keep your legs warm. Depending on the studio temperature, you can opt for a sweatshirt or a t-shirt over your sports bra. Thus dressed, the effects of your warm-up or stretching will be maximized.

What should you wear during pole dance class?

For your pole dancing lessons, opt for the appropriate outfit for this activity : a bra and shorts.

A pole dance bra that supports the bust

After the warm-up comes the practice! Take off your jogging and sweater to dress up. Most often, it consists of a bra and shorts . Prefer pole dance bras that correctly maintain the chest at first, it is essential. With more practice and ease, you can happily move towards plunging necklines.

But how do I dress if it's my first lesson ? Do not panic ! If for your first lessons, the idea of ​​putting on a bra does not make you feel comfortable, then you can also turn to the crop-top or the tank top , which are a little more covering.

Pole dance shorts that leave your legs perfectly bare

As for the shorts, it's again up to you to decide how long they are. However, you will see that the more you want to progress in the practice of this sport , the shorter it will be!

At first, aim for shorts that do not cover your thighs. You will have to use your legs a lot to hold onto the bar. The more they are discovered, the better. Your skin will then have the maximum grip for the different tricks to be performed. Over the course of the sessions, and if you feel confident, you can even prefer shorties or panties to shorts, for even more grip and the possibility of tricks.

According to your desires, think about shoes!

pole dancing heels

If you have planned to enroll in pole flow or exotic pole classes , which are more glamorous and sensual, you will definitely need to complete your outfit with pole dancing shoes . Indeed, these sessions require you to look good and wearing heels is highly recommended.

Do not go there with your evening pumps or your ballroom dancing shoes! As with shorts and bras, shoes are suitable for practice. There are soles that allow the feet to keep all their flexibility, as well as platforms and heels several centimeters high. It sounds intimidating, yet they are very stable and lightweight. For the rest, it's up to you to choose from all the models that exist. The height, the color, the support or even the shape must correspond to your tastes.

With these few basics, you should be able to find the pole dancing clothes that suit you best. Nevertheless, if there is still one thing to remember, it is to make you happy! Keep your style and find clothes that you like and that allow you to work your combos in complete safety. At La Boutique du Pole Dance, we have everything you need to fully equip yourself. Specialists in pole dance equipment, on our site, you are guaranteed to have quality outfits that are suitable for this activity.

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