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Which pole dance outfit to choose for your first lesson?

Which pole dance outfit to choose for your first lesson?

After hesitating for a long time, you have finally booked your first introductory pole dance class . We tell you: you are going to have fun! This very complete sport, which mixes acrobatics and choreography, is perfect for building up muscles in a harmonious way. Nevertheless, in order not to be bothered by your clothes when performing figures , you must have the appropriate pole dance outfit . Most often, this is comfortable shorts and a bra . In fact, in order not to slip, certain areas of the body must be able to catch the bar . The arms, stomach or legs should therefore not be covered. If you're having trouble figuring it out, this article should help! Get ready to find the most appropriate clothing for your first pole fitness workout .

The importance of not covering your body too much

Like all the other sports that exist, to do pole dancing , you must have an appropriate outfit . This activity requires you not to cover certain parts of your body.

Indeed, pole dancing is a discipline that is practiced with a single main apparatus: a vertical metal bar . If experienced pole dancers manage to string together several tricks (movements) without having to set foot once on the ground, it is because their skin grips the bar correctly. Without a specific set , unless you have supernatural strength, there would only be one way out: they would just slide!

The solution to avoid this is to leave certain areas visible. Arms, shoulders, legs, hips and back should be bare. For safety reasons, forget the classic sports leggings and long-sleeved t-shirts.

The bra and the shorts: the ideal pole dance outfit for your training

pole dance top and shorts

Studios and instructors recommend wearing a sports bra and shorts for your initiation class. For your part, make sure to find the most comfortable set you have, and in which you feel good. Your clothes should neither be too big nor too tight, so that you are comfortable performing the different combos (sequences of figures).

A comfortable pole dance bra that offers good support

It is advisable to have a sports bra that is comfortable to wear and provides good chest support for your first pole dance class. However, if you are rather modest, you can opt for a simple tank top or a crop-top . Indeed, during the first sessions, grips by the belly are rather rare, as are inversions. With more practice, however, and to reach the next level , you will have no choice but to opt for the bra specially designed for pole dancing.

To make your selection regarding the model, rely on your tastes! It can be with a V neckline, rather plunging, or even bare back, it's up to you. The main thing is to feel perfectly comfortable in her movements, and that she has a second skin effect.

A good length pole dance shorts

To complete your outfit, take shorts that do not cover the thighs too much but are still comfortable to wear. The more bare skin you have on your legs, the better it will be for performing the different movements. Your skin will have more contact with the bar, making it easier to grip .

It is best to turn to brands specializing in this discipline. Indeed, stockings that are too wide and not sufficiently fitted are to be avoided. It also goes without saying that tights, joggers or leggings not suitable for this activity should be left in the closet.

The more you progress, the more you will be comfortable enough to turn to ever shorter shorts. It is even likely that you will go so far as to select sports shorties or panties . Because some tricks like the Jade , the Allegra or even the Titanic require a good grip at the top of the thighs, your practice will only be better!

Accessories: useful or useless?

It is possible to decorate your clothes with some accessories . However, these are not essential elements. It all depends on your practice and preferences.

pole dance shoes

Pole dancing shoes: not essential for a first lesson

Pole dancing heels are not required for your first practice . However, if you have booked a pole flow or pole exotic session , which includes more choreography and dancing , you may need it. They lengthen the silhouette and offer a better look. In this case, choose heels that properly support your foot and ankle instead.

Don't worry, it is not necessary to have platforms twenty centimeters high from the outset. As for the shorts that turn into shorty over the practice, shoes with five centimeter heels will certainly double in a few weeks. Go at your own pace and do not hesitate to ask your instructor.

What about knee pads, wrist guards and gloves?

These elements are not essential for a first training. The initiation sessions are generally very gentle. Also, you shouldn't go too hard on your knees or with your wrists and hands.

On the other hand, with more practice and a better level, these are indeed accessories in which you can invest, and which will significantly improve your comfort.

These little extras to perfect your trial lesson

choose your pole dance outfit

In addition to the clothes to put in your sports bag, also bring a bottle of water to hydrate yourself and a small towel to wipe your hands regularly. If they are too moist, know that there is liquid magnesia, which prevents them from being too slippery.

Remember not to apply greasy creams or lotions to your body to prevent your skin from sticking to the bar. Finally, also remove your jewelry (necklace, ring, navel piercing, etc.) so as not to injure yourself.

When preparing for your pole dance initiation , keep one thing in mind: the skin is the main element of your grip on the bar. So choose an outfit that gives you good grip. For the rest, have fun! The style must suit you in every way. Whether the colors are bright or not, whether the clothes are simple or elaborate, the important thing is that they respect the codes of pole dancing .

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