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What pole dance shorts for a good practice?

What pole dance shorts for a good practice?

Complete activity, the pole fitness requires to have adapted clothes to go to its courses . The most commonly recommended pole dance outfit consists of a sports bra and shorts or panties . And for good reason: if you want to avoid slipping on the bar , the solution is not to have your skin covered by clothes, thus preventing grip . But then precisely, how to find the perfect pole dance shorts for your workouts ? Indeed, it must be selected with attention, if you wish to succeed in this discipline . Our article should help you see more clearly!

Pole dance shorts: 3 selection criteria

To get to your pole dance class , there is no question of taking the first shorts that come to hand! Indeed, if it does not have the right material, if it is too long and not sufficiently adjusted, you risk not being on the bar often. To make sure you are not mistaken, here are our three tips that will help you make your selection.

pole dance shorts

The shorter it is, the better!

In pole dancing, to have the best possible grip of the skin on the bar, it is better to opt for fairly short shorts . The most advanced practitioners even often turn to shorties or sports panties. It is not to be seen or to show off your body that the pole dance outfit is often so light. It is, on the contrary, out of necessity and security. It is she who, in a sense, conditions your success on the apparatus .

In any case, forget the mid-length shorts, which cover half of the thighs. We generally recommend at least opting for shorts whose fabric comes to the very top of the thigh and falls just below the buttocks. If you are comfortable with this idea, then it will be up to you to see if you are ready to take the next step, which is to have even shorter shorts. This is often what happens after a few weeks of training !

Choose tight shorts over those that are too loose

Now that you have an idea of ​​the ideal size of pole dance shorts , our second advice is to select a garment that is rather close to the body. With this second skin effect, you will not be embarrassed when performing the different figures . Always keep in mind that you will often be upside down with your legs in the air. With shorts that are too loose, your mind will always be elsewhere, lest it rise too much during reversed movements ( open V , reversed crucifix , etc.).

So choose a bottom that is well adjusted, so as not to be destabilized during your combos (sequence of figures). Preferably, the shorts should be in stretch, in a soft and fine material that does not damage the bar (avoid jeans, for example).

Shorts close to the body but comfortable

The perfect pole dance shorts are those that are rather short and ideally fitted. However, it should not be tight. You must remain free in your movements . In a pole dance session, you will move a lot. You will be right side up, then upside down, legs apart, back arched, etc. Whether at the level of the thighs or the belt, it is therefore preferable not to feel stubborn to perform the figures correctly.

pole dance shorts

To save you any hassle, know that there are shorts with a soft lace-up belt at the waist. With these models, you are sure to be able to adjust your bottom to your liking and according to your morphology!

For the more modest, opt for the high-waisted pole dance shorts

If you have any complexes, for its aesthetic side or simply by choice, you can also go to your classes with high waisted shorts. You will have part of the belly covered, but still the right length at the level of the thighs. This worn model also offers the advantage of having a real wasp waist!

Another advantage, to perform figures that require good grip on the belly (the Drama Queen or the Scorpio , for example), it is possible to roll up the piece of fabric that goes up. In two seconds, it is perfectly adjusted for movements requiring more grip!

The alternative to shorts: gripper leggings

Many people do not dare to take pole dancing lessons because of this need to be partially naked. If you are one of them, there is still a solution: gripping leggings.

In appearance, this garment has everything from classic leggings. On the other hand, it has in addition a natural grip thanks to its composition generally in reinforced polyester. The pants remain flexible and offer all the necessary support. In addition, its fabric allows you to hold on the bar without slipping! Time to get comfortable and gain self-confidence, these leggings are an option to consider before switching to shorts.

The shorts, just like your complete pole dance outfit, should give you confidence!

Finally, whether it is for the choice of shorts, your shoes or your outfit, you must above all feel good as a whole. No need to rush to the first shorty you see passing by if you don't feel ready to show yourself dressed like this. Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of ​​revealing their body. Despite everything, you have the right to be modest and to want to pole dance.

low pole dance

It's up to you to find the right length, the one that suits you perfectly. With practice, you will find that you will choose less fabric yourself. If, at first, you prefer to opt for a material that is not too sticky, go for it! In the same way, if you are perfectly comfortable with your physique and the more indented outfits, do not deprive yourself of it! It's even the perfect time to have fun.

Beyond the practical aspects, you have your own style. Your pole dance shorts should also match you. If you like glamorous, modern, sexy or color, be true to your tastes and indulge yourself. In your complete pole dance outfit , feel strong and pretty!

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