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How not to slip on the bar in pole dance?

How not to slip on the bar in pole dance?

How not to slip on the bar in pole dance?

If you've ever tried pole dancing , you've probably asked yourself this question: how not to slip on the bar ? It is, indeed, a real challenge, especially when you are a beginner. Slipping, or having no grip as they say in the industry, can be a handicap in this discipline. Sweaty hands or skin that does not adhere properly to the apparatus are a real obstacle to practice. This creates, among other things, difficulties in climbing the bar, holding and performing tricks or simply training safely. The good news is that there are a few solutions to counter this problem. In particular, you can opt for a suitable outfit or bring some very useful accessories . Explanations.

Opt for gripper leggings for optimal support

Most often, pole dance teachers ask to go to class wearing a bra and shorts . These are indeed the most appropriate clothes, which offer the possibility of training in complete safety. This keeps the skin on your legs, arms and back bare, allowing for a good grip.

pole dance leggings

However, depending on your type of skin tissue, but also depending on the temperature, the grip is not always sufficient. As a result, you just slide and fail to make any moves. If this problem is recurrent for you, there is a very reliable solution: opt for gripping leggings .

These leggings have a special composition, which fits ideally on the bar. This is the only time you will be allowed to go to your session dressed like this! Visually, this garment has everything of a classic trouser. Only its material is different. It is she who allows you an optimal support and a secure practice. You can then adhere to the apparatus and keep your freedom of movement. The fabric is also breathable, elastic and comfortable.

Complete your classic pole dance outfit with some effective tips if you don't like grippy leggings

If gripping leggings are not an option for you and you prefer to train in classic pole dance attire , rest assured, it will be possible. Thanks to these few tips, you should be able to do your sport in better conditions.

Thoroughly clean and heat the bar

To start, always remember to clean your bar well. Take a microfiber cloth and a solution of water and white wine vinegar or alcohol. It is important to wash the apparatus after each class and sometimes between several passes if you are in a group on the same bar. This makes it possible to remove chalk residues, perspiration or other small dirt.

Next, the bar needs to be heated . A cold bar is always slippery. By the way, you may have already noticed that the grip takes longer to come in winter than in summer. It's the same principle! The term seems a little strange to you, but it is simply a question of manipulating the apparatus in order to put it in condition. In particular, you can use it as a warm-up accessory, doing a few exercises such as easy inversions or muscle strengthening. If that's not enough, take great pains, take great remedies: take out the hair dryer or turn on the heating for a few minutes in the room.

Moisturize your skin properly

To train in shorts and sports bras and avoid slipping on the bar, another tip is to properly moisturize your skin. Dry skin tends to slip more. So drink enough water every day to fight against what is called crocodile skin or simply skin dryness.

In addition, you can also enjoy the benefits of body creams and oils, but only outside of class. Ideally, try to opt for this method more than 24 hours before a workout. Products applied just before a class could have a counter-productive effect and prove to be dangerous.

Develop your grip

Finally, developing your grip is also an excellent way to counter bad grip. In other words, strengthen your hands and forearms. You will have more strength to hold the bar between your fingers and carry you, even with a bit slippery apparatus.

Moreover, some professionals are satisfied with a good grip and a clean bar to carry out their sports sessions . They do not need any specific accessory to avoid slipping. So it's not impossible, but it does take a bit of work! Foam stress balls are perfect for this exercise. Finally, in the same idea, remember to wash your hands in cold water regularly if they tend to get sweaty quickly.

Find non-slip pole dance accessories

If you want to avoid slipping on the pole dance bar during your workouts, there are suitable accessories that complement your outfit very well. In particular, you can invest in liquid magnesia . It absorbs perspiration from the hands, dries them and allows immediate adhesion to the bar. Its effectiveness is no longer to be proven provided you buy adequate equipment from stores specializing in this practice.

pole dance grip

Their power is more or less strong and depends on your preferences. Some chalk sticks so much that if you are not used to it, it can be difficult to adapt. Others will be too light for the condition of your hands. Test them out and find the one that suits you best.

Non-slip gloves , although less known, are also particularly effective. On the other hand, with this system, you no longer have the feeling of the bar against the skin of the hands. For their usefulness to be complete, the essential thing is to bring gloves that adapt to the coating of your apparatus.

Ban certain elements so as not to slip on the bar in pole dance

Finally, if you plan to pole dance in classic attire, there are a few things to avoid: moisturizer for the body, hands or hair as well as oils. Save these products for times when you don't plan to go to a workout . It is recommended to avoid them at least 24 hours before your lesson. If you forget, soap yourself a few moments before your session.

Indeed, the greasy films on the skin, you will understand, do not allow you to hang enough. You will be harmed, and in addition, your practice will not be carried out in complete safety.

Finally, between gripping leggings, non-slip accessories and other tips, there are a few solutions to avoid slipping on the pole dance bar . Now it's up to you to find the method that suits you the most!

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