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Pole dance outfit: why is it so light?

Pole dance outfit: why is it so light?

A sporting discipline mixing dance and gymnastic acrobatics around a vertical metal bar, pole dancing is attracting more and more followers. Between sensuality and fitness , the practice has long been confused with striptease . It must be said that the clothes worn by the dancers are particularly light, letting certain areas of the body show through. However, pole sports are now an officially recognized practice, for which there are different championships that bring together the best athletes in the world. The pole dance outfit , if it is so light, it is simply for a question of safety. Explanations.

A suitable pole dance outfit for better grip

In popular beliefs, when we talk about pole dancing, we immediately think of naked bodies, high heels and striptease bars. However, in reality, it is not exactly that!

pole dance grip

Striptease and pole dancing are two very different practices today. The only similar thing remains the lightweight outfit. Certainly, there is an aesthetic reason but it is not the only one. If the outfit worn by the poleurs and poleuses is so short, it is above all a question of safety .

Indeed, fully dressed from head to toe, it would be impossible for you to hold onto the bar without slipping. Unless you have supernatural strength, covered in clothes , you will have no support. It is thanks to the contact of the skin on the bar that you can grip and have a good grip. In the jargon, this is called the grip . To perform certain figures, your thighs, your arms, your back and even your armpits serve as a point of support. These areas must therefore be in direct contact with the bar. Otherwise, you'll just skid, and won't be able to maintain positions . Concretely, you will exhaust yourself with the task.

So no, if the pole dance outfit is so light, it's not just a question of aesthetics, but of safety and technique . The correct outfit guarantees a good grip with the bar.

Shorts and bra: the perfect set for addicts of this acrobatic sport

The perfect outfit for pole dancing consists of two elements: shorts (or shorty) and a bra . Opt for soft clothes, in which you are perfectly comfortable.

pole dance shorts

Short clothes for barre work

If you plan to work on different bar tricks , you will have no choice but to wear short clothes. The ideal outfit for these athletes consists of shorts and a bra. They should, however, be comfortable. It is essential to feel good in your clothes. You will have to move a lot during your lessons, it would be a shame to be too cramped in your shorts and to be injured in the leg splits to be done. Preferably, select shorts that are not too baggy, but rather have a second skin effect. If you like the idea, know that it is also possible to wear shorty or adapted sports panties. Your grip will only be better!

In the same way, prefer bras that provide optimal support and that adapt completely to your size. You will often be upside down, or stuck to the bar. Make sure you don't get embarrassed by a bra that's too tight. Finally, prefer soft fabrics, and bras whose staples are not visible. This will avoid damaging the pole dance bar .

In floorwork: sweatshirt and pants allowed!

However, you will not be in undress at each class. If your teacher plans floorwook sessions (choreographed floor work), know that you will not use the bar to perform figures that are too precise. The apparatus will then only be an accessory that accompanies your dance. In this case, it is not necessary to have bare legs and arms.

Since skin doesn't need to be exposed, do yourself a favor: get out your best sports pants, your long-sleeved t-shirts and even your sweatshirts, if you like it. This is one of the only times you will be allowed to be fully clothed in a pole dance studio !

Combine comfort and pleasure in the choice of clothes for lessons

As you will have understood, to participate in your pole dance class safely, it is essential to have the appropriate outfit . The latter must leave certain areas of your body visible, to ensure optimal grip.

Nevertheless, now that you have in mind the dress code necessary for pole dancing, simply follow your taste and style. Choose the models and colors that appeal to you the most, while keeping in mind that you must feel perfectly comfortable once worn. That's the only limit. For the rest, everything is allowed: backless bras, high-waisted pole dance shorts, and even one-piece swimsuits revealing the back and hips.

What to put in your sports bag for a pole dance class in addition to suitable clothing?

pole dance clothes for lessons

If the pole dance outfit can be light, on the other hand, this will not be the case with your sports bag. Indeed, in addition to your training clothes, you will need other very useful little things for your class:

  • a yoga mat for the sequences and stretches, not all schools provide them;
  • a towel, to put on your mat and to wipe your hands and body if you ever sweat. Thus, you are almost sure not to lose grip;
  • a bottle of water, to hydrate yourself regularly;
  • liquid chalk, for even more grip if you tend to have sweaty hands;
  • pole dancing shoes, if you like it or if you have booked a class with lots of choreography;
  • knee pads for floorwork.

You now know that if the pole dance outfit is as it is, it is not just to reveal its musculature. It is short to allow the best possible grip in order to perform the various tricks in complete safety. Choose yours knowingly, but make sure you feel good about it!

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