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Pole dance clothes adapted to your training

Pole dance clothes adapted to your training

Pole dancing is a sporting activity for which it is necessary to have an adequate outfit, and this, from your beginnings. Moreover, when booking your lesson , you may have received a message telling you to bring with you at least shorts and a tank top . They are, in fact, the most suitable pole dance clothes for your training . However, it is not a question of choosing any shorts and any tank top. They must meet certain very specific criteria so that you can practice safely . But what are they? Do not panic, we will reveal everything to you through our article.

Shorts and bra: the ideal set for your class

Like almost all of the physical exercises that we know, pole dancing is ideal for building muscle in a harmonious way. Nevertheless, in order not to be embarrassed when performing certain tricks and to practice combos in complete safety, it is essential to have the most suitable clothes for this discipline . In this case, you can bring shorts and a bra. Here's how to choose them!

pole dance top

Opt for close-fitting shorts

If you're unfamiliar with the pole dancing environment, this advice might sound strange. However, this is the reality and your safety is at stake. When buying your shorts , make sure to opt for a model that is close to the body. Ideally, the shorter you choose it, the better it will be for your practice.

Indeed, with this discipline, to succeed in the combos, the skin must be constantly in contact with the bar. This is how the hook is made. In the middle, this is called the grip . Wearing long, covering clothes means having trouble adhering to the apparatus, not being able to perform the movements or simply slipping all the time.

You will need your legs to climb, but also to hold on! In many figures, in fact, the grip is done by the popliteal fossa, the thighs or the calves. With fabric over these areas, it would be impossible—unless you had a special bar—to stay on the bar.

When you go shopping, choose shorts that are close to the body and ideally without buttons or fly so as not to damage your equipment. As for its length, do according to you and your preference. But in any case, it is generally recommended to have shorts that are not too long. Again, the goal is to have a better grip.

Choose a bra adapted to your morphology

Overall, with regard to the bra, the rule is the same as for the shorts. To hang on the bar, you will mainly need your arms, your armpits, the hollow of your back and your belly. As you will have understood, long-sleeved t-shirts or t-shirts that cover the bust are to be banned.

Instead, get a pole dance bra that fits your body type . Once you put it on, the main thing is that you feel good. If you are compressed in your clothing, you will find it difficult to move freely. Similarly, if it's too big for you, you risk losing it! However, you will most often be upside down and have your arms too busy to hold it in place.

If you are a beginner in this practice and not yet comfortable enough to wear this kind of top, know that tight tank tops are tolerated. However, they will only do the job for your first few workouts . Quickly, you will need grip in your belly and will have no other option than to switch to the bra.

Avoid as much as possible: clothes that cover too much

pole dance outfit

For your training, leave aside your clothes that cover too much: leggings, jogging, sweatshirt, large T-shirt, etc. Remember this is just technical, your skin needs to grip the bar for a safe practice .

However, there is an exception. During warm-ups and stretches , you can have your arms, legs and chest covered. Everything is allowed, as long as you wear sports clothes. During the warm-ups , you put yourself in condition and prepare your body for the session to come. Do not hesitate to put on warmer clothes over your shorts and your bra. You thus maximize the effects of these few minutes of exercise.

The same is true for stretching. After dancing for one to two hours, your body will slowly cool down. In order not to get sick and especially to be able to go further in the work of flexibility without injuring yourself, remember to cover yourself with some extra clothes.

The pole dance clothes that will seduce the most modest

Finally, if you are rather modest and have no desire to expose yourself from the first lessons, two solutions are available to you:

  • opt for high-waisted shorts ;
  • select special leggings , very grippy.

The first option will go especially to people who do not wish to show their belly. High-waisted shorts are a good alternative for you, because they allow your legs to be exposed. In the end, that's the main thing! The shorts are also often well designed and the upper part can be folded back on itself. Also, if necessary for one or two figures, you can keep the skin of your abdomen free, before pulling up your shorts.

high waisted pole dance

If, however, wearing shorts is still out of the question, you can find grippy leggings. These are special leggings, suitable for the practice of pole dancing. Their specific material allows the fabric to adhere to the iron bar. The problem is therefore solved, there is no risk of you slipping! Go to class in leggings until you're confident enough to put them aside and switch to shorts. You can pole like the others, even fully dressed!

There is ultimately only one thing to remember. The most suitable pole dance clothes are shorts and a bra! To choose them, you should preferably turn to structures specialized in pole dancing . You will thus be sure to have clothes adapted to this practice, and which do not contain any element which could injure you or damage your bar.

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