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How does a pole dance class work?

How does a pole dance class work?

If you are new to the world of pole dancing , you should certainly ask yourself a thousand and one questions. How to dress, how to progress but also most certainly how a pole dance class takes place ? Between warming up , stretching, sheathing and practical exercises on the bar , the course is divided into several distinct stages. In this article, we will try to guide you as best as possible so that you can be confident in your first studio pole dance training . You will then have no more reason to apprehend your upcoming session!

How does a pole dance class work? The 5 stages you will go through

Pole dance lessons are done by level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and last, on average, 1h30. During this hour and a half of practice, you do warm-ups, stretching, muscle strengthening, and learn to perform different figures and then chain them together.

pole dancing lessons

Warming up to prepare your body

All pole dancing classes begin with a warm-up session that lasts between twenty and thirty minutes. This step is essential to prepare your body and muscles to avoid injury. The first efforts are then made gently, before getting to the heart of the matter.

A little muscle strengthening and flexibility work to better perform tricks

Once your joints are warmed up and your muscles awake, you will work them in depth with a few minutes of muscle strengthening . Between sheathing, pump and traction, you will be a little more prepared to climb the bar.

If the figures planned in the program require a little flexibility, it is also at this time that you will do some exercises to improve your flexibility (split, bridge, etc.). Your combos will then be even more beautiful, and you will also be much more comfortable in maintaining the figure.

Learning movements in pairs

At this point, you're finally ready to get on the pole dance bar to practice your tricks . You are usually in pairs to help each other. You will dissect the movements step by step and separately until you have mastered them. Once understood, you will be able to chain them safely.


The realization of the pole dance combo in music

DJ music! You have learned to perform the different tricks of the day. Now, in music, you'll string them together to produce a combo . In a row and without stopping, you will redo the different movements in a choreographed way.

Depending on the time available, you can have a few minutes of freestyle , in order to give free rein to the dance steps that come to mind. Let go ! Once the sequence is carried out smoothly, your teacher can suggest that you do it one last time in synchronization with the other students present. The moment of sharing thus brought together in unison is unique.

Stretching to end in style

Now that you've had fun, it's not enough to pack up your things and leave. There are still a few minutes to stretch and avoid the aches of the next day. In peace or with soft music, relax to take care of your muscles which have already suffered a lot after this intense session.

Don't skip stretching , which has many benefits, including improving physical recovery and preventing the risk of injury.

After class: taking care of yourself

pole dance training

After your pole dance class , don't hesitate to protect yourself. Visually, it is true, this practice is so graceful that it seems easy. However, all your muscles are solicited, you will feel it very quickly. Also, aches after a workout are very common. To manage them as well as possible and prevent them from lasting too long, remember to hydrate yourself enough. If necessary, do not hesitate to give yourself thirty minutes of additional stretching, at home, a few days after the session.

Finally, during the first lessons , and even later, it is not uncommon to notice bruises on your body. This is due to the friction of the skin on the bar, which sometimes creates hematomas. They are called pole kisses . It is not serious in itself, and everything returns to normal after only a few days. However, pain can be felt. Remember to provide a small tube of arnica ointment to soothe sensitive areas.

Pre-workout do's and don'ts

attention pole dance class

For your pole dancing session to go as smoothly as possible, it is important to be well prepared. Also think about these few points that can greatly help you on the big day of your training at the studio:

  • Do not put any cream or oil on your body and in your hair the day before and the day of your class. Indeed, to have an optimal grip and not slip on the bar, it is important not to have any fat on the skin.
  • Remember to hydrate yourself sufficiently before the session. Do not forget to put a bottle of water in your sports bag, you will need it! Besides, it is important to drink throughout your session.
  • Plan a light snack to eat one to two hours before your appointment. You're going to need a lot of strength to pull yourself over and over on the pole dance bar. Going there on an empty stomach will not allow you to be at the maximum of your capacities. With a bar that rotates on itself (spin ), you risk, in addition, to quickly feel dizzy.
  • Prepare your outfit, which must be adapted to the practice: shorts and a bra, possibly with jogging and a sweater for warming up and stretching.

Now you know how a pole dance class is . You can go there serenely, knowing in advance what awaits you. For the rest, don't forget to have fun!

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