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Learning pole dance as an autodidact, is it possible?

Learning pole dance as an autodidact, is it possible?

There are different reasons for wanting to learn pole dancing on your own . Since in-studio classes are somewhat expensive, this may be a solution that better suits your budget. It's also possible that there isn't a school near you, in which case you don't want to give up on your dream of practicing this dance art . We understand you perfectly! If you find yourself in either of these situations, you may have already thought about pole dancing at home . But is it really possible? The answer is yes, by having some prerequisites, you can decide to equip yourself and practice directly at home. Here are some explanations that will allow you to test this activity without a coach, at home and in complete safety .

Pole dancing alone: ​​yes, under certain conditions

In the world of pole dancing, many athletes choose to train at home. They equip themselves and organize their sessions as they see fit. This approach is common in the field, and not so surprising. However, for security reasons, this possibility is not available to everyone. Here are the prerequisites that will allow you to practice independently and without danger.

Have some basics

Deciding to practice without an instructor means choosing not to have a partner to help you perform the tricks , nor a trained teacher by your side to explain the different tricks to you. Also, if it is your first pole dancing lessons, it is not recommended to train alone. If you do not control the basic movements , you risk putting yourself in danger. the basics of pole dancing

Practicing pole dancing alone at home is possible from the moment you are no longer a novice. It is best to get started by having previously attended a few classes in a dedicated studio. The main thing is to have some mastery of the discipline.

You will then be more familiar with the pole dance environment, with the pole itself and know how to enter and exit figures correctly. At the same time, by doing so, you will have already assimilated the names of multiple movements, and can easily follow different tutorials to progress.

Know how to practice safely

The important thing, if you want to exercise at home, is to do it safely so as not to injure yourself. Succeeding in tricks requires a lot of practice and sometimes a lot of patience!

In the studio, you are surrounded by your partners to adorn you. With you, this will not be the case. Also, take all the necessary precautionary measures: protective mattress, quality bar, etc.

Having an outside perspective helps to become aware of the bad reflexes that you can adopt. Alone, on the other hand, you may not make the right investments which can lead to falls. Do not skimp on the videos and other tutorials that exist today on the Net to guide you.

Even if this rule applies when you are registered in a school , it is all the more valid in self-taught practice: do not go too fast! If you are unsure of yourself, do not attempt overly complicated tricks that are not at your level, unless you have a buddy with you.

Arm yourself with the equipment necessary for the practice of pole sports at home

pole dance bar

If you choose to learn pole dancing on your own, don't be afraid to invest in quality equipment . Again, this is a security issue. At a minimum, you will need:

  • a solid pole dance pole, of a suitable height and correctly mounted;
  • appropriate attire;
  • items for warming up and stretching (mats, rubber bands, weights, etc.);
  • a safety mattress ( crash mat ).

To equip yourself, turn to brands specializing in this practice. You will then be sure to have adequate equipment, especially for your bar. Regarding the crash mat , even if it has a cost, do not deprive yourself of it. You will be reassured, dare more during your training and above all, it will save you some injuries . Falling on a padded mattress is often more appreciated than falling on the floor. When you know that on average the bars are 2.75 meters high, the decision is quickly made!

Learn pole dance self-taught: the course of your course at home

pole dance class warm up

Just like studio classes, your home class should be structured. The warm-up and stretching stage , in particular, is essential, even inevitable. For the rest, keep setting goals for yourself. This will allow you not to stagnate, but on the contrary, to see your progress. Setting goals is, in addition, often a source of motivation and when one learns alone, having motivation is mandatory.

In order to avoid spreading yourself too thin, do not hesitate to write in a notebook the movements that you plan to test at each session. This makes your course more official and helps you keep them in mind constantly. This will save you valuable minutes.

To maximize the effectiveness of your session, you can even set yourself time limits for completing each combo you want to work on. Finally, for more risky figures, seek the help of a third person, so that they hold you in the event of a fall or slip.

Continue to discover new tricks to progress

Finally, the challenge, when you practice alone, is to succeed in progressing and learning new figures . The good news is that thanks to the Internet, there are many solutions to counter this problem. To help you move forward, you can:

  • follow tutorials, whether on YouTube, Facebook or various specialized blogs;
  • subscribe to confirmed athlete accounts on Instagram. The latter often offer free lives to share their love for the discipline;
  • ask to be part of one of the many virtual groups of passionate pole dancers that exist on social networks and interact with this community;
  • sign up for paid online pole dancing classes.

What is good with this sport is that it is possible to have and integrate, through networks, a very large association of athletes in the world . Even as a practitioner who does not belong to any studio, you can benefit from their sound advice. If you have any questions, in a few minutes, you will find someone able to answer you and will not be blocked in your learning.

By having a few solid foundations beforehand, you can learn pole dancing on your own . To go even further in your practice, consider filming yourself to see your progress and spot any mistakes to improve. Finally, always be kind to yourself and if you have the opportunity, sign up for one of the many summer courses that exist in the different regions of France! On the program once a year, between three and four days of intensive pole dance training to share and forge links with other lovers of this practice.

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