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Start pole dancing: 5 reasons to get started

Start pole dancing: 5 reasons to get started

You've been thinking about starting pole dancing for a few weeks, maybe a few months now . Between fear and shyness, you are unable to make this project a reality. However, this acrobatic discipline offers great opportunities: self-confidence, muscular body, improvement of your flexibility and many others. Thanks to this unconventional practice, you will exceed your own limits. Discover, in this article, 5 good reasons to take this step, and learn pole dancing . Dare to cross the door of a studio to take your first lesson , you will discover an absolutely fascinating world.

Sculpt a dream body with a complete sport

pole dancing

One of the first benefits of learning pole dancing is that you're exercising without even realizing it. If, to lose weight, the idea of ​​sweating for an hour on an exercise bike does not excite you, pole dancing can reconnect you with sports practice.

On average, one hour of class burns between 400 and 600 calories. On the program: thighs, arms, lower back, buttocks and abs in concrete! It is a complete activity that develops each muscle group in depth. Working the figures on the pole dance bar is particularly physical, and engages all the muscles of the body, between sheathing and pull-ups.

Despite everything, this will not be done in suffering. You won't be out of breath, and you won't feel like giving up every five minutes. The good general atmosphere of the studio and the constant encouragement from your partners will only be even more motivating!

The day after your session, you will certainly feel some aches, which will only be the proof that yes, you have done sports well and worked on areas you did not even know existed. After a few weeks of training, you won't believe your eyes, so much the difference in tone between your body before and after the pole will have changed!

Be part of a close-knit community that loves dancing and acrobatics

pole dance sport

If it is the shame of your abilities and the embarrassment of your physique that are holding you back, you will be reassured. The first thing to know is that there are absolutely no prerequisites to start pole dancing. No matter your age, height, weight, flexibility or even muscle mass, you can take classes.

The community of pole dance lovers is particularly tolerant, close-knit and encouraging. Judgment and negativity in general are things that don't exist in institutions. Instead, you will find people who are passionate and encouraging, who love dancing and acrobatics, but who are not there to prepare competitions.

The atmosphere is therefore friendly and light. You will quickly feel at home. You meet other determined polewomen and polepers, with the desire to progress and go ever further in this discipline. Between mutual aid, benevolence and outright laughter between two combos (sequence of movements), you won't want to leave!

Start pole dancing to reinvent yourself

Pole dancing has the power to reinvent you. Session after session, you will progress, develop your flexibility but also discover your femininity and your sensuality. Let's be honest, during the first lessons, you will probably be tense, head upside down, on a spin bar that won't stop spinning. But little by little, you will gain confidence and be much more comfortable.

During the combos, you will do tricks (figures) more or less difficult. To coordinate everything, you will do graceful choreographies, which can be soft, dynamic or sensual, according to what you decide. In your adapted pole dance outfit, you will feel strong and attractive, ready to wake up the sexy being that lies dormant in you.

You will be surprised to find yourself pretty when you pull off a move. You will find yourself loving and respecting this body that you were so keen to hide at the start. You will discover unsuspected abilities! Pole, in this sense, has almost the same effects as therapy. You will like it, and it is already a very nice gift to give yourself.

Have fun with a particularly playful activity

dance self-confidence

Pole dancing is a fun and visually pleasing activity. A mixture of aerial whirlwinds with pointed feet, this activity is more on the side of pleasure than training strictly speaking.

It is no coincidence that today we speak of pole addict . You will truly become addicted! During this weekly hour of sports practice, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), nothing else will interfere with your mind. You will be fully in your session, focused on your learning in a cheerful and warm atmosphere.

The first sessions may seem a little tough, but the progression is rapid. That's what makes it a rewarding sport. You will notice your progress, regardless of your base level. Week after week, you can't wait for your next class to arrive, to quickly find all these sensations, be in your universe and have fun! We don't get the same excitement from going for an hour of jogging, do we?

Learn pole dancing to boost your self-confidence

Pole fitness greatly develops self-confidence. And for good reason, physically, you will exceed your limits. Seeing a trick in a picture, you might think it's not on your level. But imagine your surprise, when after having dissected it with your teacher, you will get there!

A controlled movement is a real source of pride. Looking back, seeing how far you've come will only boost your self-esteem. You who, however, had so many a priori at the start, will develop your self-satisfaction. You will face your fear of falling, and overcome your shyness in no time. You will regain confidence in your body and your abilities with, as a result, a better image of yourself.

You should now be fully convinced of the benefits of this practice. So don't let your fear stop you. Starting pole dancing will only bring you good! Ready to get started?

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