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Acheter barre pole dance
barre pole dance or
barre pole dance qualité
Avis Lupole Pole Dance
Barre de pole dance
Achat barre pole dance or
Barre de pole dance or
Acheter barre pole dance
barre pole dance or
barre pole dance qualité
Avis Lupole Pole Dance
Barre de pole dance
Achat barre pole dance or
Barre de pole dance or

Lupole™ Elite - Pole dance bar Gold

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Shine while dancing!

It is not for nothing that this pole dance bar is in our pole dance shop ....

What could be more elegant than this color?

This high quality bar has chosen to appear in its finest guise, tinted by its golden reflections , it will add this touch of elegance to your practice of pole dancing .

gold pole dance bar

Pole dance bar for beginners and advanced

It is rare to find pole dance bars that can keep up with your training and travels for several years.

Once again, there is no doubt for us about the quality of this partner brand: Lupole™

This "Elite" series has the advantage (beyond its unique color) of providing you with:

  • High performance : It's all in the grip! Your pole dance bar should give you good grip and a good glide because whether you are static or spinning, if the grip is bad it will be difficult to progress in this sport!
  • Professional quality : As mentioned above, quality materials and a trusted brand are extremely important when buying a pole dance bar. Here Lupole™ you have pro quality!

  • Maximum security : A pole dance bar must not fall like on the hundreds of youtube videos. A barbell is an accessory that should help you and accompany you in your tricks. All while ensuring your safety.

This Lupole™ Elite - Barre Pole dance Gold model meets all of these criteria!

gold pole dance bar

Characteristics Lupole™ Elite - Gold pole dance bar

What you need to know about this pole dance bar:

  • Adjustable length from 2.25 m to 2.75 m to adapt to your ceiling.
  • Standard diameter : 45mn, conforms to the pole dance prerequisite.

  • Supported load: 200kg.

  • Easy to install : 15 minutes will suffice.

  • Matter : Quality electroplated chrome finish and durable gold tint.

  • Modes: Spin/Rotate.

The Kit represents 9 elements:

  • Main bar : the longest of the bars
  • Secondary bar : the second part
  • Extension 1 : from 25 cm to use if necessary
  • Extension 2 : 15 cm to use if necessary
  • Upper dome : to stabilize the pole dance bar on the ceiling
  • Lower base : to stabilize the pole dance bar on your floor
  • Adjustable lid : to maintain the bar
  • Accessories for assembly : Screws and keys
  • Editing CD : To make your life easier
If after checking your ceiling is higher than the bar, you can find additional extensions on our site.

where to buy your pole dance bar?

The opinion of the pole dance shop

Our opinion on the Lupole™ Elite - Gold pole dance bar is the next :

Lupole™ is a trademark of superior quality especially for this Elite model . 

Beyond the fact that this specific bar is recommended in the rest of the world by many professionals... this version is amazing !

The bar offers pro quality and ease of grip during installation that will delight any beginner or experienced dancer!

For once we let you guess the note!

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