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Barre pole dance
pole dance barre
barre de pole dance Lupole
barre pole dance
barre de pole dance lupole
barre de pole dance et extension
Barre pole dance
pole dance barre
barre de pole dance Lupole
barre pole dance
barre de pole dance lupole
barre de pole dance et extension

Lupole ™ Simpla - Pole dance bar

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A pole dance bar for your training!

The Lupole ™ Simpla pole dance bar is perfect if you are looking for a low price , good quality pole to practice your pole dance from home .

Pole dance bar

Why choose it?

Among the different bars in our " Pole dance shop " pretty mix of French and English isn't it!

This Lupole ™ Simpla bar ticks a lot of boxes on our list, namely:

  • Quality at the appointment : Very important because you don't want to have a bar that will collapse after a few movements... Believe us, we tested amazon pole dance bars and it's not terrible.

  • Performance for your training : Ideal for doing static or spinning, in short it is versatile and perfect for your training. However , if you are confirmed, we advise you more to orient yourself on a model from the range above.

  • Safety assured : The quality of the materials and the finishes of the Lupole ™ brand are always very good. Your pole dance barre will be solid and robust

So if you are in search mode on the net " purchase pole dance bar " it is rather the model that we recommend to you!

pole dance bar

Features Lupole ™ Simpla - Pole dance bar

The main thing is here:

  • Length : It is adjustable, it is a removable pole dance bar ranging from 2.25m to 2.75m. It will have to be adapted according to your ceiling height.
  • Diameter : It is universal and standard to standards, namely 45mm .

  • Supported load : It can support up to 160Kg of load.

  • Installation : It is quick to install and simpler than an Ikea piece of furniture, count 15mn.
  • Material : Quality chrome stainless steel finish, ensuring a good grip

  • Modes: Spin/Rotate
purchase pole dance bar

What will you discover when you unpack your package?

  • Main bar : the longest
  • Secondary bar : the second bar
  • Extension pole dance bar A : from 25 cm to use if necessary
  • Pole dance bar extension B : 15 cm to use if necessary
  • An upper dome : stabilizes the bar on the ceiling
  • A lower base : stabilizes the bar on your floor
  • Lid : to hold the whole
  • Assembly accessories : Keys and screws
  • Installation manual CD : Nothing better than a video to not be mistaken

The opinion of the pole dance shop

Our opinion on the Lupole™ Simpla - Pole dance barre is the next :

Lupole™ is a brand with which we have worked for several years, the quality of their product and their Pole dance philosophy is in line with our values . 

This bar is perfect for starting pole dancing, the value for money is very good !

The bar offers professional quality and simplicity during its installation which will delight any beginner!

Small flat however, it will not be suitable for confirmed use , Lupole ™ offers bars like the Primo or Elite bar for beginner to Pro use.

It is therefore given the score of 4/5

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