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Genouillere pole dance Fili
pole dance genouillere
Genouillere pole dance noire
Genouillere pole dance violette
genouillere blanche
genouillere bleue
genouillere pole dance
Genouillere pole dance Fili
pole dance genouillere
Genouillere pole dance noire
Genouillere pole dance violette
genouillere blanche
genouillere bleue
genouillere pole dance

Pole dance protection knee pads - FILI™

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Here is a good alternative to the Cloudie fall arrest mat!

Protection during your pole dance!

Nothing better than no longer having pain from impacts or friction during training!

To equip yourself with a knee brace is to listen to your grandmother and her "prevention is better than cure" and believe me, for pole dancing it is very useful !

Besides, it's not only in pole dance that we use knee pads, for example in Hip-Hop or Modern jazz i

It is rare to see knee pads during competitions or pole dance shoots, and for good reason we reserve this protection for pole dance training.

It is possible that your body will tell you to stop repeating movements on the ground, this is when you need to have knee pads on hand!

she will you avoid pain called and especially bruises that will only delay your practice .

Pole dance knee pads

A protective knee pad!

Your knee is a complex and delicate joint ! You have to take care of it whether you are a beginner without necessarily having a lot of muscles or whether you are an athlete who sometimes puts too much strain on your knees.

If you want to keep your mobility, your freedom and your flexibility, you have to know how to take care of yourself...

This knee brace is designed to protect your ligaments, menisci and patella.

It provides support to your joint and muscle chain, which avoids problems such as:

  • ruptures of the internal and external lateral ligaments
  • Impacts on your menisci
  • Of the premature signs osteoarthritis
  • The dislocation of routine

This knee brace is an asset for your health and the maintenance of your joint over time.

knee brace for pole dance

Improve your ground work!

Nothing worse than starting pole dancing, finding yourself on the ground and suffering like never before!

Beyond the reduction of pain and good support for your joint, a knee brace is also perfect to improve your pole dance training!

You can repeat a movement several times of transition by concentrating only on its perfect execution and no longer on the friction or the pain that this brings!

The little bonus you can train without hindrance ! No more need to let a knee deflate for several days or weeks following a bad fall.

red pole dance knee pad

Features :

  • Sizes : S, M, L, XL, XXL.
  • Model : Unisex
  • Weight : 56g
  • Materials: Polyester
  • Interview : Simple cleaning directly in the machine at 30 degrees
  • Colors : Black, white, blue, red, or purple

For the size please choose the usual size for your other textiles, if your knee is stronger, please take a size above.

Our opinion on pole dance protection knee pads - FILI™

A very effective model, it will mold perfectly on your knee which is pleasant and comfortable during pole dance sessions. The value for money and very advantageous!

So we give it a 4.5/5

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