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extension pole dance toutes tailles
extension pole dance qualité
extension pole dance 50 cm
Extension pole dance 25cm
extension pole dance 12,5 cm
sac pole dance
extension pole dance toutes tailles
extension pole dance qualité
extension pole dance 50 cm
Extension pole dance 25cm
extension pole dance 12,5 cm
sac pole dance

Extension pole dance bar all sizes

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A few more centimeters for your pole dance bar!

If your bar needs to "go higher"

It was the team's Karaoke moment with Tina Arena - We hope we put it in your head!

Well more seriously, here we offer you to discover different extensions for pole dance barre with a high quality design and finish.

Many sizes are available to best suit your needs.

Pole dance extensions all sizes

Do you need a pole dance bar extension?

Size isn't everything, but a little!

I promise we'll stop the metaphors ...

You probably have or are about to have a pole dance bar at home.

Remember that your pole dance bar is removable , that is to say that it already has an adjustable length, which is very practical.

Standards in pole dancing and the bars in our shop are all adjustable between 2.25 meters and 2.75 meters.

The extensions for your pole dance bar will therefore give an addition of size ranging from 12.5 cm plus to 100 cm.

Here you have the choice between 4 different sizes!

This height bonus will be useful for:

  • Position the bar properly depending on its primary location.
  • Move then install your bar in other places without constraints.
  • Don't take your head with homemade DIY, you are sure it will pass.

good quality pole dance bar

How can you install an extension?

A few minutes will suffice for you to install an extension in a very simple way.

Fit and screw the extension on the lower base of your pole dance bar.

Secure the assembly using a standard key (use during first installation)

Add the main bar above the extension.

It's done, you've gained a few precious centimeters.


  • Composition : High finish stainless steel to ensure durability and resistance.
  • Length : 12.5cm
  • Diameter : 4.5cm / 45mm conforms to universal diameter a pole dance bar
  • Ability : up to 200Kg
pole dance carry bag

Have you thought of a transport bag for your pole dance bar and your extensions?

Rather than using a suitcase or a Carrefour bag, here is a very useful alternative!

A carrying case that will be terribly practical when:

  • From an external event
  • From a move
  • From a pole dance class
  • From a pole dance contest
  • From a pole dance show

Our opinion on pole dance bar extensions

Simple to install, fits at all the pole dance bars. Good quality finish therefore indicating durability for this material!


With a bonus for the carrying case!

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