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Pole Kiss: 5 natural solutions to reduce them in pole dance

Pole Kiss: 5 natural solutions to reduce them in pole dance

If you're a fan of pole sports , you've probably heard of pole kisses . These little bruises actually appear on your anatomy from your first lessons . For those whose term does not mean much, know that pole kisses represent bruises that appear on the skin tissue because of friction against the bar . In this discipline, the body is often put to the test and it is the skin that allows us to adhere to the apparatus . Inevitably, it happens to notice more or less large bruises. There is nothing dangerous and they will disappear within a few days. However, they can sometimes be painful and unsightly. That's why we give you in our article our 4 natural solutions to reduce the bruises when you do pole dancing .

1. Bet everything on the ice to avoid the appearance of blue

In the world of pole dancing, there is not a single athlete who has not already seen pole kisses on his legs, his arms or even his stomach. These bruises most often form as a result of a blow or too much pressure against the bar. For people whose skin is fragile, they are sometimes the result of repetitive friction with the apparatus at the same place on your body.

These bruises are unsightly, at worst a little painful, but do not represent any danger. One of the most effective ways to clear them up and help your blood vessels regenerate is to apply ice . It is often the miracle cure for many problems and it is also for the bruises you will have in pole dancing.

Spread it on your hematoma for about fifteen minutes, every hour following your little incident. Be careful not to put the frozen water directly on your skin. Instead, wrap it in a soft, durable canvas. In contact with the cold, the vessels contract, which reduces inflammation . At the same time, it is also a good way to alleviate pain.

2. Erase hematomas and reduce pain with arnica

Against your pole kiss in pole dance , arnica is a very effective natural remedy. If you have booked a class that plans to make you work the Ballerina or the Moon , remember to slip a small tube of cream into your gym bag. Indeed, these tricks require a good grip of your beauty in the arms and thighs. After having repeated them dozens of times, don't be surprised to feel tingling, then to see the first red marks appear!

Arnica is a popular and effective product against all kinds of blows. Very powerful anti-inflammatory, it quickly relieves the tightness of pole kiss. You can spread the cream directly on the sore parts or prepare an infusion to soak compresses that you will apply to the area. Then repeat the operation until the bruise has completely disappeared .

3. Calm the burn and moisturize the skin with aloe vera

Aloe vera, with its calming and moisturizing properties, is also the best ally of pole dancers ! It is particularly effective in treating bruises obtained after a pole dancing session. It stimulates the immune system and helps healing. It is also a very good antibiotic and anti-inflammatory.

Whether you have gel in a tube or from the plant itself, the trick is to apply it to the skin when it is very cool. You thus combine the properties of the plant with the invigorating effects of the cold. If you have a second class coming up and prefer to heal bruises already present before getting back on the bar, opt for the virtues of aloe vera ! You will see the size of your bruises diminish and clear up in no time.

4. Use parsley for its pain-relieving properties

Did you know that parsley is not only to be used in your culinary recipes? If you are a fan of pole dancing, always keep a few sprigs in your fridge. Indeed, this plant is known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions. In the event of a pole kiss after a course that is a little too hard or a bar that clings a lot to your skin, its properties will accelerate the healing process of the bruise and reduce swelling.

To do this, chop some fresh parsley and rub it directly on your bruise for five to ten minutes. For the procedure to be as effective as possible, repeat this operation at least four times a day. If the pain is intense or for faster recovery, you can also concoct a mixture with sweet almond oil and chopped parsley to apply as a poultice to the affected area.

5. Use lavender to reduce pole kisses in pole dancing

Finally, lavender, in addition to smelling good, is also particularly powerful for your wounds and scrapes that appear after your pole dancing session . Indeed, it acts as an anti-inflammatory and a remarkable painkiller. It relieves the skin very effectively after a shock, soothes and locally anesthetizes the sensitive area.

If you want to use this plant to reduce the hematomas associated with your pole kiss, mix a few drops of lavender essential oil with a few drops of helichrysum essential oil. Then apply this lotion directly on your bruise. Repeat the operation as many times as necessary.

These few natural solutions will be of great help to you after a rather lively pole dance class. Indeed, pole kisses are part of the journey, and even if you will have less of them over the years, it will never completely disappear from your life as an athlete. Your skin is constantly stressed and hits with the apparatus are almost inevitable. The key is to treat the bruises as well as possible, in order to be quickly on your feet and ready to climb the bar to test new tricks which will certainly create new pole kisses for you!

Before using either of these concoctions, make sure you are not allergic to the products. Finally, in the event of a fall or significant hematoma, our article does not replace or act as medical advice. Contact your healthcare professional for an appropriate consultation. Be careful, the essential oil that we mention in our fifth solution is not recommended for children.

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