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How to install a pole dance bar?

How to install a pole dance bar?

Before going into the steps " assembling a pole dance bar " you may have questions about the place, the ideal size or even what to do with a sloping floor/ceiling?

If you want to see the installation steps, go to the last part of this article!

How much space do I need for my pole dance bar?

You need to be able to throw your body off your barbell without danger of injury or kicking a wall or furniture.

We often talk about having at least 2 meters between you and the object and at least 5 meters between two bars, in school we will have at least 3.5 meters. The bigger you are the more space you need, the smaller you are the less you need it, logical!

What height do I need for my pole dance bar?

The ideal is to learn and practice pole fitness with a standard ceiling of 2.2 meters, if it is a little higher, it is even better. Because they allow you to have more space to climb and do inversions.

On average the height of your ceiling will vary between 2.2 meters and 2.7 meters. If you have a smaller ceiling, for example 2 meters this will make your learning a little more difficult because even the simplest movements require your arm to be stretched upwards.

If you ever have an even taller ceiling, you will have the possibility of installing a pole dance bar extension

removable pole dance bar

Will it damage / mark my ceiling / floor?

Since most home pole dance bar models are installed using up and down pressure, you don't have to drill into the ceiling or floor.

The top dome and post have silicone reinforcements that prevent chafing and shifting of your bar.

You can get permanent supports (generally no longer used in schools). They are screwed into the ceiling for stability and provide additional security, however these are typically unnecessary for home use unless you have vaulted ceilings.

What if I have vaulted ceilings?

Lupole, Lupit and X-pole sell special mounts for vaulted ceilings. These must be screwed into the ceiling.

What if my ceilings aren't finished?

You will probably need to affix a piece of plywood to your ceiling and lay your bar on this plywood.

  • What if I have carpet in the area where I want to install my post?
  • What if I have a cement floor?

A removable pole dance bar can be installed on the mat without any problem. You need to make sure you install it properly, and it should compress the rug and will leave a mark similar to if you placed a heavy piece of furniture on your rug.

You must consider that during a pole dance session you will often rub your toes or feet on the ground or have descents on your knees so necessarily with a mat there can be a small burn.

I let you imagine if you have a cement floor under construction; it could be very hard on your feet and knees.

Warning . DO NOT place a loose rug or small rug (bathroom type) under your bar. This greatly compromises safety because even if it is a "non-slip" base there is danger!

And the pole dance bar with tray?

barre pole dance podium

Another possible option for home use, other than a removable bar or a permanently mounted bar, is a podium or tray bar .

These bars have a larger and heavier base. They provide ultimate security for artists and photographers who want to practice in spaces where they cannot install a removable bar due to ceiling limitations (or lack thereof).

This could be a good solution for beginners who cannot install a pole in their homes for various reasons.

They generally require more height and width. The base dance surface will be raised and the standard kit for most podium bars requires 30-50cm in height.

They are very heavy and, although they are technically portable, they are not easy to move. They have heavy bases for stability and are also expensive. Compared to an average removable bar at 300 euros, a podium bar will cost you, on average, three times as much.

How to install a pole dance bar?

Let's take a look at the steps to mount a pole dance bar!

First of all you will find several parts:

  • Bar 1 : the longer of the two
  • Bar 2 : the shortest
  • Expansion A : from 25 cm to use if necessary
  • Extension B : 15 cm to be used if necessary
  • A join : allowing the connection
  • The Upper Dome : to stabilize the bar on the ceiling
  • The Lower Base : to stabilize the bar on your floor
  • Adjustable lid : to maintain the whole
  • Accessories for assembly : Wrench and screw

First stage :

The assembly of the bar begins by assembling your bar 1 with your bar 2. The link between the two must be made with the joint prepared upstream.
Then with your wrench turned the nut that is in the joint.

Now assemble the two extensions . Take your spanner and tighten the nut to assemble and secure the 2 pieces of the bar. This is how you will fix the different bars and extensions together.

Second step:

Now, let's set your bar height . To put it simply, the idea is to have a bar that does not touch your ceiling for the moment, count 10 cm between the top of the bar and your ceiling.

If you ever have more or less, play with the bar base to have these 10 cm.

Third step :

Now let's move on to installing the dome . We will attach the dome before vertically mounting your bar. To do this, attach the dome to the top of your bar.

You can now loosen the screws of the base in order to turn the bar on itself, as if by magic it will increase in size (if you turn on the right side)

The dome rises to reach your ceiling. If you have a spirit level to check that the bar is vertical, do not hesitate to use it.

Last step :

Remember to turn the bar until the pressure from both sides makes the bar firmly fixed.

Finally tighten the base screws that you left loose to turn the bar

Now you can do a little test by grabbing the bar and pulling it sharply towards you, if you feel a little movement, you have to turn your bar to increase the pressure

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