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Content of the pole dance barre blog

When you want to start pole dancing , you are often faced with a few questions about the bar, its installation, the different brands, etc.

Solve the mysteries of the pole dance bar!

So we promise here we will reveal everything to you, after a few articles you will be unbeatable on the pole dance bar !

You will therefore understand and know:

  • How to install a pole dance bar?
  • How to choose your pole dance bar?
  • Which pole dance bar to buy?
  • Where to buy your pole dance bar?

How does a pole dance barre work?

This is also a question that we can ask ourselves!

No need to be a pole dance bar construction engineer (it must exist) to know how to disassemble a pole dance bar or even solve a problem like:

  • My pole dance bar is moving
  • My pole dance bar is slipping
  • My pole dance bar is blocked
  • My ceiling is tilted
  • How to fix a pole dance bar to the floor?

You will see it's very simple, we will make your life easier so that the installation is very simple and the uncertainties during the first movements disappear as if by magic!

Spoiler.. We Love Lupole™ Pole Dance Poles

We chose to trust this small company which is growing rapidly because of its quality and its attractive prices!

Of course, these pole bars have gone through our tests in our hands. We do not tell you right away the installation in the middle of the office?

Whether ...

No, we'll save that for later!

In the meantime you can find the different models in our collection " all our pole dance bars "

We recommend the Primo and Elite models which are their best seller (there must be a reason for all this, right?)

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