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Blog Content: Pole Dance

Dear pole dancers, welcome to our blog dedicated to pole dancing and its universe. What will you find in this space?

News Pole dancing

Yes yes because the world of pole dance is constantly in turmoil and as dance is movement we must stay up to date.

We will therefore tell you about current trends, events not to be missed, our favorite dancers and without forgetting a few surprises...

Pole dance classes and schools

Pole dance is booming more and more in Francophonie, first of all thank you to our Canadian friends for exporting this fabulous sport to us!

Now you have to know that it is not so easy to find pole dance classes in your city so we decided to talk about the best pole dance schools.

In the program :

  • pole dancing lessons Paris
  • pole dancing lessons lyon
  • Bordeaux pole dancing lessons
  • Marseille pole dancing lessons
  • Lille pole dancing lessons
  • pole dancing lessons Lens

figure pole dance

We will also have the opportunity to sift through each pole dance figure, whether you are a cooker, a beginner or a semi-pro, there will be something for everyone!

If I tell you about:

  • Chair
  • Flamingo
  • carousel
  • cradle
  • boomerang
  • arrow

No, it's not a riddle or a code, it's the name of pole dance figures that are "basics"

Besides, make no mistake about pole dancing or pole fitness, it's both art and sport.

Rare are the disciplines that allow you to both build muscle and express your femininity.

If you are looking for a pole dance bar or an outfit you can visit our online pole dance shop

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